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Field Museum Vamp

stilettos. blood. gucci. torture.

Claire Pullman
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Character Name: Claire Pullman
Character LJ: undermyheel

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Claire does not allow the end of the world to limit her when it comes to how she looks. Always in heels, she usually wears outfits that show more skin than she was allowed to show in a boardroom. She has learned how to use her assets to her advantage and her body is a big one. In other words, she still waxes. It's rare, and she knows that this makes her somewhat unusual, but she also realizes that appearances are important. She looks powerful.

Brief Description of Personality: Claire is in power. This not only defines her, but explains why acts the way she does. She's haughty, expectant, and demanding. Her demands are met and if not, then people get hurt. She realizes that in the new world order, violence is the only punishment understood. Manipulation is her tool of choice, and next to that, she has a nice handgun to deal with things that piss her off.

Human/Zombie/Werewolf/Vampire: Vampire.

Character Affiliation: Leader of the vampire gang the Ageless.

Personal Possessions: Claire lives in the Field Museum, and owns a lot of things. What she wants, she gets. Right now she has more high heels than anyone should, and jewelry to match her mood. Her most important possessions are her gang, her gun, and her car. Her gun and car she uses to kill zombies (and other people who piss her off).

History: Claire was raised by a set of distant, yet providing, parents. When she was younger, her mother believed that she should learn how to defend herself, so she had a series of increasingly good defense trainers, ranging from showy martial arts like Taekwondo to the more subtle ninjitsu. From them, she learned that being aggressive is the only way to get anywhere in the world.

As such, when she went to college, she did not major in art and how-to-catch-a-good-husband, but instead in Business and Economics. She pushed herself into being accepted in one of the cutthroat starting jobs at a major fund-managing firm.

When the first attacks came, she was in Chicago on a business trip and though sheer force of will and her own tenacity, caused twenty people from the hotel she was living at to survive the first attacks and the first zombies. By the time it became apparent that the bioweapons were killing her, she'd made a name for herself as a person not to be messed with. To stop the implied slow and painful death, she knew she had two last chance options: vamp or wolf. She let herself be turned by one of the first vampires.

Back then, the vampire community was mostly solitary hunters, and the disorganization was too much for her. She realized how powerful a gang (or "coven" as some of the more Anne Rice vampires like to call it) would be, so bit by bit she formed one of the most powerful gangs in Chicago.

Although incredibly controlled, she is also incredibly vicious, and tends to overreact to betrayal. She absolutely will not allow herself to make emotional attachments, although physical ones are frequent. The few people who have underestimated her are paid in a quick and brutal end.

She is cold in a way that many vampires aren't and intensely fierce in her desire to stay in power and keep the vampires as the proverbial "top dogs" of the post-apocalyptic society.